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Leadership and Management Guide — U. S. Coast Guard This USCG Auxiliary Manual is also known as Aux Man. The U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary University Program AUP establishes. policy from the Auxiliary Manual and the Auxiliary Operations Manual for personnel.

Coast Guard Auxiliary 8WR Awards from Aux All references to older versions should be changed to point to the updated manual. United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. 8th Western Rivers District. Auxiliary Awards - presented upon completion of all requirements in the Auxiliary Manual.

US Coast Guard Auxiliary, First District Southern Region If you don't see a link that you feel is needed, let us know! Covers southern New England including eastern New York from the Canadian border to Manhattan, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Jersey.

SAR Seamanship Reference Manual - Canadian Coast If you head out this cold weather season please remember some of these tips to help keep you safe: Preparing for your cold weather journey . This SAR Seamanship Reference Manual is published under the authority of the. Guard Auxiliary and the other one is the Canadian Coast Guard Inshore.

AUXILIARY VESSEL EXAMINER MANUAL COMDINST M1670.1G (USCG Auxiliary Manual) has been enhanced with approved change annotations through June 6, 2014 and is now available at It is for this reason the Coast Guard Auxiliary has embarked on a program of safety information exchange with the owners/operators of these craft concerning.

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