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Abu Garcia Revo S Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reels Well, I want all of you to pull out those old seized up Ambassadeurs, and get ready to fall in love all over again. She is absolutely one of the nicest people in the world. Next, go the the Ambassadeur website at and find the schematic for your reel. Remove the handle nut cap and screw (key #’s 14868, 9629) Remove the c-clip (key #4490) Remove the handle nut (key #15359), the handle (key # 24500), the stainless steel spring (key # 5115), the star (key # 24502) and the cast control knob (key #’s 21717, 20917, and 20090) Remove the rht side plate assembly (note that this photo shows the cast control knob still in place. Note that the dog has to “grab” the ratchet gear at base of the gear sleeve (key #22079), as shown in the schematic that i’ve chosen to work with. Abu Garcia Revo S Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reels Sports & Outdoors. The instructions, as with every ABU Garcia, is not very detailed.

Southwestern Parts & Service - Your Source for Fishing Reel Repair. When I first started doing reel seminars 5 years ago, one fourth of the reels brought in were Ambassadeurs. It took quite a while, but I fured out the rht combination of Penn HT-100 drag washers and metal washers. Just slap on a coat of Cal or Shimano drag grease, switch out the drags and witness the miracle! If you have a dog, note the proper position of the dog now, and make sure it is reassembled in the same way. Note that the anti-reverse roller bearing sleeve and the two cupped pressure washers (key #5131) stayed with the side plate cover. Southwestern Parts and Service. Providing Fishing Reel Repair and Service. We have over 35 years of Fishing reel repair experience. ABU GARCIA · DAIWA.

Reel Parts Fishing Reel Grips, Reel Handle Grips Academy Recently, Dawn at came out with a line of Carbontex drag washers that fit perfectly. Just as an example, I’m going to pick Ambassadeur → c3 → 5500 → 9909 newer reels have a less reliable anti-reverse roller bearing, as shown in the photo below. Products 1 - 10 of 10. Get ready for a day on the water with fishing reel parts, fishing reel grips and reel handle grips at. Abu Garcia® Power Handle Accessory.

Abu Garcia Vintage Fishing Reels eBay Welcome to Southwestern Parts & Service located at 605 West Mockingbird in Dallas, Tx. Vintage ABU GARCIA CARDINAL 554 GLX FISHING REEL. VINTAGE ABU GARCIA 6500 GR MULTIPLIER FISHING REEL BOXED WITH MANUAL ETC.

Fishing Reel Parts & Repair Equipment eBay We have over 35 years experience in fishing reel repair. Quality power handle to turn any Daiwa or Abu bait caster into a micro jging machine! 1x Micro Jging Power Handle Knob. Fit Daiwa or Abu Garcia bait.

SCHEMATICS – ABU GARCIA The Reel Dr - Your Western. Our staff of 9 reel cians are the most knowledgeable in the business. The Reel Dr – Your Western Canada Warranty Center and Parts Supplier! 5408 – 53 Ave, Unit # 3. SCHEMATICS – ABU GARCIA. TOURNAMENT 3000FD.

Mat's Reel Repair - And Parts Our service center carries one of the most extensive fishing reel parts inventory in the world. Contact Mat's Reel Repair and parts, for all your repair, parts, and custom handle needs. Eagle River WI.

Reel Instruction Manuals - Abu Garcia På följande sidor hittar du information om hur du bäst använder din nya Revo® haspelrulle. En del funktioner finns bara hos vissa modeller. Läs. Läs nästa.

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