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OpenPsion - Linux for <b>Psion</b> Computers

OpenPsion - Linux for Psion Computers Apparently, sonicblue parted ways after psion left the project. Debian ARM Linux on Qemu Download a suitable kernel and a modified Debian Sarge system, and then use. The 5MX HOWTO has been revised and updated, the latest Debian stable distribution, code named. Documentation is lacking.

FAQ for the <strong>Psion</strong> Classic Discussion s -

FAQ for the Psion Classic Discussion s - Sonicblue was mostly interested in the cellular phone applications of the platform and the company decided that it didn't make sense for it to enter the pda market for a “one product hit.” so, it looks like the diamond mako is about to be ed off. Then just pick your palop to see the relevant downloads. Q. My Psion 5mx will no longer turn on or off when the case is opened and closed. work then the best advice is to just get used to turning the 5mx off manually.

DIY Repairs - <i>Psion</i>

DIY Repairs - Psion Since we reported that staples had the diamond mako for 0, people have been wondering if its future was not so brht. Psion Shops und Reparatur PsionWelt's list of links; repair4How to upgrade, repair or disassemble a. Revo. PsionFlexi's instructions.

<b>Psion</b> <b>Revo</b> Plus 16MB uk Computers &

Psion Revo Plus 16MB uk Computers & Jed wrote in with news that sonicblue is scrapping its short-lived venture into handheld pcs. Buy Psion Revo Plus 16MB at Amazon UK. The Revo is accompanied by an extensive Handbook that provides a detailed introduction to the. Download

Tixy's OPL Programming Tips

Tixy's OPL Programming Tips Where does that leave the customers who purchased one? also, will we see the diamond mako selling even cheaper? the problem is that you'll never get a revo at 0. The OPL programming manual; First steps; News for programmers; Style. You can also download a useful help file for use on an EPOC machine from. The smaller EPOC machines like the Psion Revo don't have enough space on the.

Psion revo download manual:

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